Presenter, Lani Refiti, Advisor, Cybermetrix (previously Partner, Smart Cities and Cyber, Deloitte Asia Pacific), will deep-dive into the challenges of detecting adversaries in their network and how to use data analytics to undertake threat hunting, the process of proactively finding adversaries in your network. Lani will use the Mitre Attack framework as a guide on how to detect potential attackers and also cover advances in AI and machine learning that will help.

Following Lani’s presentation, Tessa Holland, Education Lead, Codebots will present on a practical how-to guide on modernising legacy systems. She will show how you can go about recreating existing software (or paper-based) systems and translate them onto a modern tech stack. This talk covers how you can take advantage of the process to make improvements; how you can be certain that you don’t forget anything, and how you can stop your system from becoming legacy again in the future.

This talk also introduces Codebots, a cloud-based software builder, which follows the principles of model-driven development to make the creation and maintenance process of owning an app significantly easier. See how you can use Codebots to complete a basic legacy migration in the space of a few hours.

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